Advisor Quotes


“EF allows my creative juices to flow. The exchange between the entrepreneur and the other advisers is very thought provoking and plenty of great ideas get tossed around.”

– Michael Green, Self-Employed Management Consultant, NL 


"Participating in these events not only helps provide guidance for the entrepreneur, it also provides a great learning experience for the panelists. The questions and challenges that are being evaluating are not exclusive to new companies."

– Steve Chiasson, Ascenta Health, NS


“The collaboration during the EF advisory session is something very unique that I wish every entrepreneur could experience.”

– Susan Evans, ACOA, NL 


"The act of giving is never pure altruism - I received a lot in return - the benefit of engaging with someone who is passionate about what they do, as well as the insights of everyone around the table. Time very well spent."

– Derek Flynn, Xecute Business Solutions Ltd., NS


“Being an advisor to an Atlantic Entrepreneur provides satisfaction as you are helping growth in our region.”

– William Lane, Former CFO of Imvescor Group Inc., NB


“It was inspiring for me to see the passion the entrepreneurs had. The opportunity to offer some advice and feedback was great and I learned from some of the advisors as well!”

– Peter Chapman, GPS Business Solutions, NS



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