EF Success Stories

  • There is nothing in life much more personal than blood. From blood types to family ties to urgency in recognizing when something isn’t right, it’s the liquid force that keeps life living.
  • As a fourth year student at UPEI, Matt Sullivan was given a challenge. He had four hours to set up a mini-venture that would turn a profit. He came up with a website idea that would promote PEI businesses specifically to Islanders. By the fourth hour he had made $1500.
  • Most Wednesday nights Great Northern Auction Company of Moncton, New Brunswick auctions cars, trucks, boats and heavy equipment from all over the Maritimes then sells them to the highest bidder. The business is based on connecting potential buyers with potential sellers. In earlier days they used fax and phone to share the data.
  • When vision, mission, and action are in alignment, good things happen. Nova Scotia’s Greater Halifax Partnership is dedicated to creating an environment where businesses large and small can thrive. The Partnership is also a key community contributor to Entrepreneurs’ Forum.
  • He’s young. He’s dynamic. He’s a maverick entrepreneur and has an appetite for risk. He’s Scott Oldford, of Grand Falls-Winsor, an 11-year business veteran and the mind behind Essential Coding as well as a number of other ways-to-get-the-word-out businesses.
  • When it comes to health management which comes first for your condition a Physio or a Specialist? Bloodwork or ultrasound? And, when the cycle of treatment is over, how did it all work?
  • As businesses go, the indie gaming industry is new. It’s big, it’s wide open, and an entrepreneur can invest all they have and either join the small top percentile who make it in the overall indie game development business, or not make it at all. There is no Plan B.
  • Technology and protecting the environment are two topics that will define our time in history. One of the current strategies of environmental sustainability is a corporate driven focus to encourage individual employees to act green. Peter Corbyn, Co-founder and Chief GreenNexxian with New Brunswick’s GreenNexxus could see it coming and is building his business to help it along.
  • We breath in ‘good’ air, exhale ‘bad’ air. The need for the two to be separated, and the benefit of the two being separated increases as the scale increases. Scott Walton, President of Enovex, New Brunswick, saw that opportunity in the context of carbon capture for coal-burning industrial plants. He says, “There are close to 1500 coal-burning plants in China, the US, and India. Between them they emit 230 tonnes of carbon dioxide gas per second.
  • “Waiting room time is a conducive time to inform,” says Niraj Shukla. “People are either just waiting to be seen by medical personnel, or perhaps they’re worried or nervous and welcome a distraction.” Niraj is the mastermind behind the made-for-medical waiting room broadcast media that is Pulse Communications of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • No neophyte in the world of business, Pam Cooley is a highly respected speaker, facilitator, social entrepreneur and principal of the Chooseethical Ventures Inc. consultancy. Her experience with EF exemplifies how all entrepreneurs – new and well-established – can benefit from and contribute to EF.
  • “The thing about EF,” says Padraic O’Flaherty, an EF Advisor and Director of Sales and Marketing with Newfoundland’s Lotek Wireless, is that it helps create a positive cycle of entrepreneurial business operations and it builds a culture of corroboration.
  • Ken DesRoches of Prince Edward Island is an EF Advisor, and a member of the EF SubCommittee for the island. Now semi-retired, his cv includes teaching, politics, business, management, consulting, and more. He’s a selective consultant now, and prior to that served as President of Slemon Park Corporation, an entity dedicated to aviation, aerospace and training facilities in PEI.
  • Graham Watts is the marketing co-ordinator for Honibe, a line of 100% natural honey products from Prince Edward Island. Honibe produces the ancient sweetner – honey – with a twist. They’ve developed and patented an innovative process that removes the water content, resulting in dried pure honey in the form of drops, sprinkles, or tempered with a touch of menthol or eucalyptus as medicinal lozenges.
  • As an RCMP officer serving on Vancouver Island, Glenn Cox of Prince Edward Island responded to a call and wound up watching diesel fuel spill out of a ruptured tank. Neither the RCMP nor the local fire department had the technology to stop the spilling. Two hours later the leak was stopped in minutes by a member of the provincial environmental response team. The solution was a putty compound and a piece of plywood propped up with a shovel.

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