Chris Boudreau

Chris BoudreauWhen it comes to health management which comes first for your condition a Physio or a Specialist?  Bloodwork or ultrasound?  And, when the cycle of treatment is over, how did it all work?

Chris Boudreau, CEO of New Brunswick’s ClinicServer recognized the value of an end-to-end online system that could keep the logistics of health management straight and track outcomes. He was intrigued back in 2009 when he met the company principals and learned that the ClinicServer system, which had been conceived in 1998 to deal with a multisite clinic challenge, was not the leader in the Practice Management Space. 

He says, “ClinicServer integrated all aspects of medical appointments right at the clinic’s reception desk.  Appointments could be booked in a workable order - see the specialist after the ultrasound - at the flick of a key.  Because it’s online it eliminates concern about health records being lost if a computer was stolen.  The system also tracks results so that members of a health-care team have one click access to the treatment results. The product is designed, and will as well, offer the patient and their family the ability to view their personal records online. For the first time a patient can actually participate in their own care.”  The challenges Chris saw were a lack of sufficient capitalization and more importantly an access to a circle of influence to offer mentorship. 

Following that first meeting in 2009, the proponents of ClinicServer wanted Chris onside.  He took equity, redid the business plan, got involved with, at the time, Saint John NB PropelSJ Accelerator program (now a province wide organization PropelICT) and restarted the business in the fall of the same year.

He says, “We had refocused, but still had more questions than answers on how to move ahead.  We wanted to get as much information and advice as possible, particularly about how to raise funds.  In the early summer of 2010, we went to EF.”

Chris says, “Our team of EF Advisors each brought a different perspective on financing.  They took a good look at our business plan.  It was a good, frank conversation.  The key points that came across were to understand the investors we were going after and why, and whether we were prepared?”

“It was a very valuable experience that got the results we were after” says Chris. 

ClinicServer is finding its position in the market.  Chris says, “When we started in 2009, we had four employees - one paid - and the product was virtually distributed.  We raised the funds we needed in a very targeted approach.  By September of 2010 we increased our head count and all employees were paid.  We now have 16 employees, a new ClinicServer product is now in the Canadian marketplace, and another product for our overseas markets is getting ready for general release.”

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