Matt Sullivan

matt_sullivanAs a fourth year student at UPEI, Matt Sullivan was given a challenge.  He had four hours to set up a mini-venture that would turn a profit.  He came up with a website idea that would promote PEI businesses specifically to Islanders.  By the fourth hour he had made $1500.

Clearly he was on to something.  PEI is an internationally renowned destination, but information geared to locals and the businesses that serve them is harder to come by. There are endless resources for planning vacations and visitors – but not so much for the local market.”

Matt’s business set out to change that.  ‘’ is a marketing online business directory geared toward the local market where businesses buy a membership and are included in the directory.  Matt began selling listings in November of 2009, and the site launched in July of 2010.

It was happening, but Matt’s business sense told him there could be more.  He approached EF looking for advice on how to market the website to the end user.  He says, “My session was three hours of cold hard truth.  But it was with a great group of Advisors who had tons of experience and they really got me to think about the holes in my business plan.  It wasn’t always easy to hear, but it was essential for me as a business wanting to grow.  EF was one of the best things I’ve done for the business.  I’ve recommended it to many others.”

Matt’s Advisors trained his eye to the end-user, and from that came the idea for the next generation of  The renewed site will include a Deals Page which allows businesses to buy space to promote their wares through special deals.  Also coming soon is an Events Calendar, a Jobs page and Advertising blocks.   Matt is also offering exclusivity to specific areas, and a premium membership trial.

He now has two full time staff – one dedicated to sales and marketing and the other to customer relations and site maintenance. has about 500 businesses listed, with the objective being 2000 businesses.  The revised site is scheduled to go live in the summer of 2011

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