Scott Oldford
Essential Coding

He’s young.  He’s dynamic.  He’s a maverick entrepreneur and has an appetite for risk.  He’s Scott Oldford, of Grand Falls-Winsor, an 11-year business veteran and the mind behind Essential Coding as well as a number of other ways-to-get-the-word-out businesses. 

He was working up a business plan for Ads on the Move, a mobile advertising operation that would transform vehicles into messages.  Scott knew that Ads on the Move could realize tremendous profit, and the plan was going well, but there was something not just right about it.  Scott came to EF to see what a panel of unbiased, experienced business advisors would say about it.

Scott says, “My Advisory Session connected me with really great people.  We talked about odds of success, profitability, and risk.  I learned a lot about how the legal system works from a business aspect.  It turned out that the venture was not right for the business now, so I shifted focus to other opportunities and suspended Ads on the Move.  For the right entrepreneur with capital and a printing company, it will be an excellent opportunity.”

Scott says, “The step away from Ads on the Move was a good decision, and my Session meant several really great connections for me.  As a result, I’ve been working on different products and research and explore other business ideas.  In fact I’m seeing a EF in Halifax about another venture.” 

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